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 The FAO committee is steadfast in its commitment to the holistic management of "Food Waste Reduction and Management." Delegates within this committee are dedicated to a comprehensive approach aimed at minimizing food waste throughout the global supply chain. The primary focus lies on fostering sustainable agricultural practices, optimizing distribution systems, and mitigating post-harvest losses.


 In addition to these measures, the committee sets its sights on the cultivation of responsible consumer behavior through the formulation of impactful policies. Delegates will delve into the development of awareness campaigns, targeting the intricate social dimensions of food waste. The FAO recognizes the urgency of adopting a global perspective, seeking collaborative efforts on an international scale. The overarching goal is to address not only the environmental ramifications but also the economic and social implications of food waste.

In the pursuit of a more resilient and sustainable food system, the FAO committee envisions a harmonious blend of international cooperation, sustainable practices, and strategic policy implementations. By fostering a united front against food waste, the committee aspires to create a lasting impact on the interconnected facets of our global community.


Agenda: Food Waste Reduction and Management

Under Secretary General: Öykü Taş

Academic Assistant: Hakkı Yılmaz Yılmazer

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