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 Welcome esteemed participants to the Joint Crisis Committee (JCC) on the American Civil War, where the corridors of history resound with the reverberations of a divided nation. In these chambers, the North and South engage in a profound clash over ideologies, slavery, and the very essence of the Union, transforming the battlefield from nuanced diplomacy to the precipice of conflict.


 Your roles as leaders, strategists, and diplomats are not merely consequential; they are the linchpin of this tumultuous period. The decisions conceived within these hallowed walls will serve as the architects of a nation torn asunder by ideological chasms. The destiny of the United States hangs in the balance, and our discussions must echo with the nuances of diplomacy, historical precision, and strategic acumen.

 As we navigate this critical juncture, let our deliberations not be mere footnotes in the pages of history but rather the seeds of transformative change. The tapestry of our nation's fate is woven with the threads of our discussions, shaping the very course of history. Together, united in purpose, we stand poised at the crossroads, prepared to rewrite the narrative amid the chaos of the American Civil War.


 In this crucible, let our resolutions echo through time, becoming the pillars that define the future of a collective destiny. As leaders, let us be mindful of the weight of our decisions, for within these debates lies the power to shape the very fabric of our shared history, leaving an indelible mark on the collective tapestry of our nation's story.


Under Secretary General: Ezo Gökçe Avşar

Academic Assistant: Beren Özden

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