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 Welcome esteemed delegates to the Fourth General Assembly Committee, commonly known as SPECPOL. As one of the six main committees of the United Nations General Assembly, SPECPOL plays a crucial role in addressing issues related to decolonization and the broader spectrum of political concerns stemming from historical colonial legacies. Established to find enduring solutions to the generational and historically derived impacts of colonialism worldwide, SPECPOL remains steadfast in its commitment to rectify the imbalances caused by centuries of imperial rule.


 Since its inception, SPECPOL has been instrumental in facilitating the decolonization process, with over 80 former colonies achieving independence since 1945. The committee's tireless efforts have significantly contributed to reducing the number of people living in colonized territories, with the current count standing at approximately two million. However, acknowledging the persistent challenges and complexities associated with decolonization, SPECPOL continues its mission to comprehensively address the multifaceted issues that arise in the wake of colonial history.


In this committee, delegates will engage in rigorous discussions, diplomatic negotiations, and collaborative efforts to devise effective strategies for tackling the lasting consequences of colonialism. As we convene in this esteemed assembly, let us collectively work towards fostering a world where the shadows of colonial oppression no longer cast a pall over the aspirations and rights of nations striving for self-determination and independence.


Agenda: Addressing the Challenges of

Decolonization in Non-Self-Governing Territories

Under Secretary General: Emre Tahmaz

Academic Assistant: Taylan Göz

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